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Mammoth Resorts



Dear Valued Passholder:

You may have already seen the news, but I wanted you to hear from me personally about a new chapter beginning for Mammoth Resorts. Earlier this week, a new venture formed by Aspen and KSL (a private equity firm that owns Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows) announced their purchase of Intrawest, a publicly held company, for $1.5 billion. Monday afternoon, I signed an agreement to sell Mammoth Resorts into this new venture. I will be an investor in the new company going forward, along with the investors and operators of Aspen and KSL, many of whom are longtime friends of mine. Like us, mountains are their passion and skiing and riding are at their core.

Mammoth Mountain will be the most visited, and by that metric, the biggest resort in the new company which will own 12 resorts that serve 7 million skier visits along with Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH), the world’s largest heli-skiing and adventure company. This is just the beginning. The new company will continue to explore further growth opportunities, including additional acquisitions. Mammoth Resorts is one of the most innovative and successful mountain resort companies in the country, run by a management team and staffed by employees who set the industry standard for resort operations. Mammoth, June, and Big Bear Mountain Resort will continue to operate on a standalone basis but will coordinate closely with our new partner resorts to maximize the significant opportunities available to us as a larger company. I will continue as CEO.

I am very excited about what the future holds for us in Mammoth, June, and Big Bear Mountain Resort as we become part of what I know will quickly become the best mountain resort company in the world. The collective ownership of the new company and I believe that by committing greater resources and investing in our mountains and our other existing operations, we can improve your experience, create new opportunities for our employees and strengthen our partnerships with the Mammoth, June, and Big Bear communities.

Thank you for being a season pass holder. As a season pass holder at Mammoth, June, or Big Bear Mountain Resort, your 2017/18 pass will be honored exactly as sold to you earlier this month.

Change always gives rise to questions and concerns. Feel free to contact me personally at rusty@mammothresorts.com, on my direct line at 760.934.0731, or stop by my office at the Main Lodge.

Mammoth Mountain is open through July 4. I look forward to seeing you on the slopes.

Rusty Gregory
Chairman & CEO
Mammoth Resorts



맘모스스키장이 미국에서 크다고 하지만 또 이렇게 큰 일을 만들었습니다. 

미국의 12스키장의 주인이 되었습니다. 맘모스 패스를 가지고 스키여행을 다니기가 편해 졌습니다. 

레잌 타호를 비롯 해서 캘리포니아와 콜로라도 아스펜까지 말입니다. 

로스엔젤스 주변에 있는 빅베어를 구입하고는 변화를 많이 가져 왔습니다. 

올해는 저도 멀리 맘모스를 가지 않고 가까운 빅베어로 스키를 다녔습니다. 

유타에도 일주일간  혹시 미국으로 스키 오실 생각이 있는 분들은 맘모스 시즌 패스를 미리 사두시기 바랍니다. 

매년 사시면 699불입니다. 첫해는 799불로서 100불이 비쌉니다. 

그리고 시즌 패스를 사시면 많은 혜택이 있습니다 정말 많이 있습니다. 

저 같은 사람에게도 CEO가 E-Mail을 보내 준 것이 감사하군요.


좋은 글, 함께하고 싶은 글은 위에 '잘 읽었습니다.' 버튼()을 클릭하시면, 우측 '최근 추천 받은 글'에 노출됩니다.
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    오제이 2017.04.17 15:30
    첫번째 질문에는 저도 답변이 가능하겠군요. 맘모스 스키장은 7월 4일까지 스키를 탑니다. 그날까지 타는것에 대단히 상징적인 의미를 거는것 같습니다.
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    김범진 2017.04.18 11:27

    무주보다 싸네

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